Morris Chair & Ottoman

Designer: Jeffry Lohr

Makers: Jeffry Lohr & Robert Spiece

Poppa Bear Morris Chair:  32.5"w X 37.5"d  X 40"h

Poppa Bear Morris Chair Price $4,450

Momma Bear Morris Chair:  30.5"w X 34.5"d X 40"h

Momma Bear Morris Chair Price $4,250 

Ottoman:  21"w X 21"d x 15"h

Ottoman Price $2,375

Description: My Morris Chairs are pieces that take over 120 hours to make and I believe mine to be the finest example of this type of chair available today.  My chair design features Macintosh inspired-pierced center side splats, Greene & Greene Style-raised and polished exposed mortise pins, steam bent back slats, hand turned back rest adjusters, and the absolute best in coil spring seat foundation upholstery.   Since 1993 I have made 25 Poppa Bear chairs and 13 Momma Bear chairs with each being numbered consecutively similar to the way a hull number is assigned to a sailboat. Please don't compare my chair to the cheap plywood and foam seat type of upholstered chairs that some in the trade produce and have the gumption to call a Morris Chair.   William Morris (the original inventor of this type of recliner-easy-chair) would roll over in his grave if he was aware of his name being attached to such inferior type of productions with cheap plywood & foam foundations.  To those in the know, a well made Morris Chair is the best chair money can buy. 


*This piece is finished and available for purchase now in our show room. If interested, please email or or call us at (610) 287-7802