Why Does It Cost So Much?

Each piece of furniture that leaves our shop is unique and composed of thoughtfully selected local hardwoods. Each piece we make takes 2-3 of us anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete. We have a true appreciation and understanding of wood as a material that results in the joinery in our furniture allowing for any wood movement that may occur during changing weather. That means that the piece will last for generations. We strive to design furniture that is as visually appealing as it is comfortable. Beyond that, we intend for all of the furniture we make to be lived with, so we carefully consider things like softened edges, ease of cleaning, and film finishes that won’t ring from a cold beer bottle.

All that said, we love what we do, we love our customers, and we price as fairly as possible. We charge only what it costs to pay the maker(s) a fair wage and cover the cost of wood, hardware, and finishing supplies. The prices are consistently calculated by the number of hours of labor and the total cost of the materials.

Custom commission prices are calculated by estimating the amount of time it will take to make plus the cost of materials. We estimate our hours for a new piece based on previous furniture pieces we’ve finished that are similar in complexity. We will provide a final price in a comprehensive proposal after the design and materials are mutually decided upon. We can include an itemized list of hours and materials with the price.

Furniture gallery prices listed here on our website are based on that piece being executed in carefully hand-selected,  domestic hardwoods. As most of the pieces listed here are already sold, we would choose new and unique wood to make the samechosen design special for you. Posted prices are subject to change. Please call for exact current price on any furniture listed on our website.    

On a Budget?

We’re believers in the idea that the world would be a happier place if everyone could come home to at least one piece of custom, handmade furniture. Of course we realize that it’s not possible for everyone, however, if you have a budget and want to commission a piece let us know! We can do our best to design a piece to fit within a reasonable budget.

Rare, Highly-Figured Wood Pricing

We maintain a limited inventory of unique, highly-figured domestic woods (primarily cherry, maple, walnut, and ash) in curly, fiddleback, mottled, and flame figured patterns. We also have the means to source other figured materials from local sawyers, so we can find something as wild or tame as your taste calls for. These figured materials are available to be used in commissioned furniture pieces but may drastically increase the price of your piece. Prices on these unique grain patterns vary substantially from one log set to the next so pricing on their use in any given project will be set on a case by case basis.  For reference purposes, the average premium figured wood upgrade is about 7% over the standard pricing listed on each piece.