General Pricing

Prices listed on each piece of furniture in the gallery are based on that piece being executed in carefully hand selected,  attractively grained, domestic hardwoods. Great care is taken to make the best presentation of the woods used in each project at the prices indicated.

Posted prices are subject to change. Please call for exact current price.    


Rare, Highly-Figured Wood Pricing

We maintain a limited inventory of rare, highly figured domestic woods in curly, fiddleback, mottled, and flame figured patterns which I make available at a premium to interested patrons. The industry prices these figured specimens according to availability and the degree and intensity of figure.  Prices on these rare specimens vary substantially from one log set to the next so pricing on their use in any given project must be set on a case by case basis.  Inquiries regarding what is currently available in these prized specialty woods are welcome.  For reference purposes, the average premium figured wood upgrade is about 7% over the standard pricing listed on each piece. 


Pricing on Custom Commissions

A custom piece is priced on our previous experience on previous projects.  We arrive at our prices based on the time it takes to execute the piece and the materials that are used.