Meet the Furniture Makers

Jeff Lohr is the master craftsman, founder, and creator behind the Lohr Woodworking Studio and Lohr School of Woodworking. The shop in which all of our furniture is created sits on his farm, just steps from his front door. Jeff is now retired but is still a daily presence around the shop. He has been generous to share his skills and wisdom with numerous apprentices over the years, and now two of those apprentices are his successors as the owners and makers of Lohr Woodworking furniture. Since January 2017, Rob Spiece and Larissa Huff have been the primary craftspeople, designers, and instructors behind the shop walls. They will continue to create the highest quality, thoughtful, and unique custom furniture designs as take this woodworking wonderland into the next generation and beyond.

Bailey Console Cabinet (with makers).jpg

Rob Spiece

I began my career as an apprentice to Jeff Lohr in 2006. After a degree in film & media arts, years playing music in punk rock bands, painting and drawing, I found my niche in furniture making. My goal in all of our work is to present my take on the brand’s refined Arts & Crafts furniture.
Arts & Crafts is a term that most associate with rectilinear, boxy furniture made from white oak.  The original British Arts & Crafts movement was so much more than that.  The movement was a social one much more than an aesthetic.  The ideal is to find joy in working with your hands and to let that joy become evident in your work.  That's my goal more than anything.

Larissa Huff

I started being taught and trained as a woodworking apprentice under Jeffry Lohr in 2012 and have spent every moment since then learning the craft from the ground up from him. Previously a math teacher, I had no background in woodworking and found a previously undiscovered passion in furniture-making. Because I'm offered this surreal opportunity, I will continue to build on my capabilities and understanding of wood, design, and crafting. Paying tribute to the beauty of the natural material is my favorite part of what we do. I strive to contribute simple lines and subtle unexpected elements to our refined Arts & Crafts style.

Jeffry Lohr

I am mostly the product of an exceptional high school woodshop program of the 1960's and a strong work ethic. Added to this is a B.S. in Industrial Arts in 1976  from Millersville State College followed by postgraduate study in fine art at West Chester State.  The raw material I am made of is an irrepressible drive to engage myself in creative activities. I am very much a "jack of all trades" and find an interest in a wide variety of materials and processes.  However, I believe myself to only be a master of one trade: woodworking. Holding all of this together is the true mortar of my life, my wife Linda, who has enabled me and encouraged my endeavors every step of the way.

Jason Mormon

Jason joined the studio as an apprentice in 2017 after retiring from the Marines. After taking a course with us at the Lohr School of Woodworking, Jason asked if he could come by the shop and help out sometime. The fact that we were in need of help and that he brought bagels sealed the deal.

Eoin O’Neill

Pronounced “Owen”, He first joined us in 2007. Since then he has been making custom furniture and teaching woodworking at the Lohr School of Woodworking. He has a particular interest in the mechanics of woodworking and is never happier than when contemplating complex joints built to the highest precision possible.
Music is his other passion, and not unnaturally, music and wood came together many years ago in the design and fabrication of musical instruments.
Eoin is also an accomplished photographer.  Most of the photos of our finished furniture on our website are credited to him.