"Great Expectations" - Live Edge Walnut Desk

This new desk (completed in 2014) is a point of pride for the Lohr Woodworking Studio.  Jeff, Rob and Larissa put their best feet forward in collaborating on a truly unique work station.  The title "Great Expectations" came from musing on it's future owner writing a great work of fiction while using it.  

The desktop itself is a striking crotch section of Black Walnut.  It's feather crotch figure is totally in tact, owing to our sensitive and slow drying process of the raw materials.  Most crotch sections will have invariable splits and checks, but this one is perfect.  The splits and checks away from the crotch are held in place by figured maple bones.  

The desk features two side hung drawers and a keyboard tray in Spalted Maple.  The drawers and tray move in and out of both sides of the desk, allowing you to use the desk from either side.  The sculpted base is locked together with a wedged tenon.  The desk knocks down to be transported to any office.

Learn and see a closer look at how we made this desk!

Dimensions: 87" x 43" x 30"

Price: $14,000

AVAILABLE,  This piece is finished and available for purchase now in our show room. If interested, please email jeff@lohrwoodworkingstudio.com or call us at (610) 287-7802