Larissa Huff

I am the craftswoman at the Lohr Woodworking Studio. I started being taught and trained as an apprentice under Jeffry Lohr in December of 2012 and have spent the time since learning the craft from the ground up.

Previously a math teacher, I had no background in woodworking and have been lucky to learn the skills, techniques, and art from such respected masters. I work closely with Jeff and Rob on our commissioned furniture pieces. Because I'm offered that opportunity, every day I build on my capabilities and understanding of wood, design, and building. I am also an instructor at our woodworking school and keep an ongoing documentation of current projects, progress, and activities at the shop via our blog.

With the encouragement and aid of the Lohr Woodworking Studio team, I am also working on my own designs and creations. I was honored to write my first article for Woodcraft Magazine in 2014. Over the coming years, my goal is to continue to strive to hone my skills, create my own style, and produce collection of original pieces!