Materials: Cemetery Maple, Cherry
Dimensions: 30” h x 46” w x 20” d

The Harris Desk was made as a new speculation piece for the American Craft Council show in Baltimore in 2019. The floating desk top is an exquisite book match of highly figured maple that we sawed into boards at a local cemetery. The small live edge cutout leaves just enough to the imagination and pays homage to this tree’s natural beauty. The bank of three drawers is enclosed in a mitered case. The shelf and gallery on the desktop have the cutest little drawers we’ve ever made. Hearing the clickity clack of their movement brings a smile to our hearts.

In 2018, we spent many an evening taking our classes on tours of the Wharton Esherick Museum. Esherick’s work is full of surprises and delights. The sliding tray in the center drawer, is an unapologetic nod to Esherick’s work and attention to detail. The “Harris” comes from Wharton Harris Esherick.

Price: 4,700