Commission a Piece of Custom Furniture

Most of our work is made exclusively as one of a kind, custom commission pieces.  Even if a piece is made from an existing design you see here on our website, it can be suited to fit your space.  Commissions are a team effort between the maker and customer.  We will always do our best to keep your project within your budget and we will always deliver quality work that is consistent with our highest standards. Your custom furniture piece is guaranteed to last for generations to come.


Designing a Piece of Furniture:

It’s a fun and collaborative process! It begins when you inquire about a specific piece, an idea, or a need for something special to fill a space in your home.  We want to design a piece that’s unique, timeless, and meets all your needs (and budget). We will do a quick pencil sketch of our initial concept(s) based on what you can tell us about what you’re looking for. We will give you a ballpark cost based on those sketched ideas and a broad estimation of time and materials it will take to complete. If you have a budget, let us know, we will do our best to design to fit within it.

If you are happy with our sketch(es), we will do a refined scale drawing, model and plan. We will then select sample material options and make a proposal with a more clearly defined estimate of cost.  For this thorough proposal, we charge a $250.00 design fee that will be subtracted from the total of the commission. When you approve of the final proposal, we will schedule your piece, give you a completion date, and then the fun begins!  If you ultimately choose not to have us make the piece, the drawing and plan is yours to keep.


We consistently calculate our prices by estimating the amount of time it will take to make the piece and add in the cost of materials. We estimate our hours for a new piece based on previous furniture pieces we’ve finished that are similar in complexity. We provide a final price in the comprehensive proposal we send to your after the design and materials are mutually decided upon. We can include an itemized list with the price. Learn more about our pricing here.

Payment Schedule:

An initial 10% deposit will allow us to schedule your project on our calendar of projects.  A 30% deposit will be due two weeks before we start making your piece. This will allow us to purchase the materials we’ll need for you furniture piece.  Later in the construction process, we will invite you to come to the shop to see the progress (if you aren’t local, we will send you some thorough photo documentation); At this point, another 30% will be required.  The final 30% is due upon delivery of the finished piece.

Delivery & Shipping:

If you live in the tri-state area, we will personally deliver the finished piece to you! We also make furniture for clients all over the world and have trusted shipping contacts that can transport quality, handmade furniture within the United States and internationally.  The customer is responsible for all shipping and delivery costs.

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