Butler Sideboard

Dimensions: 36” h x 60”w x 16”d

In terms of style, I stuck close to the sideboard you saw in our booth at the show. I mixed it up with the desk we had, to allow for an elevated top. I think this piece will do all you need it to do, plus it has a lot of room for showing off a spectacular book match. We can do a wood frame on the tabletop and have it prepared for tile work.

Scale Model

The model is made in maple and cherry. I know you want to go with a light colored framework and dark panels. These two species would look great together, but there are plenty of other options as well.


There are several combinations that could work. In the way of lighter colored woods, we have maple, sassafrass, white oak, and ash.

As for the panels, there’s a lot we can choose from and it depends on how figured you’d like the material to be, how graphic you’d like the book match to be, etc. Here’s one example of some Elm veneer I can get: https://www.certainlywood.com/images-locator.php?item=CARP%20ELM%2018375-11


I would plan to start in on this piece toward the tail end of summer and have it delivered before Thanksgiving.


I tried hard to design something to a lower price point than our existing sideboard. The reality is that it’s tough to do with a large case piece like this. The sideboard above would be priced at $7,500.