Lohr Arm & Side Dining Chairs

Maker: Jeffry Lohr

Arm Chair:  47"h X 25"w X 22"d       Price: $2,350 

Side Chair:  47"h X 19"w X 22"d        Price:  $1,850

Description:  My Arm & Side chair designs were inspired by equal helpings of Charles Rennie Macintosh and Greene & Greene with a lot of Jeffry Lohr thrown into the mix.  The back piercings in the splat are flawlessly executed by a process I call "board exploding", which yields sharp crisp mortises that read perfectly in the design.  The slip seat frame is webbed with an Italian elastic web with the fill material being non-resonated, densified batting which is very difficult to work with but yields an extremely comfortable slip seat. This is then covered with your choice of leather.  Customer's own fabric may be substituted for leather.